Pastor Gene Johnson


The vision of the visionary, Pastor Gene johnson was birthed unbeknownst to him many years ago. As the Potter began to mold the clay, the Potter in preparaion for his ministry, equiped him to be one of compassion, integrity, and humility. Pastor Johnson received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost under the leadership of Bishop David Allen, Sr. of the Christ Temple Church in Houston, Texas.

While at Christ Temple, Pastor Johnson served faithfully in many facets of ministry. His passion was and still is outreach. He also served diligently with the street and prison ministries. He established a food and pantry and ministered to troubled teens at the Crocket Boys Reform School. Out of great compassion for ministry and a need to see young men not end up like he did (in a life of drugs and alcohol abuse), Pastor Johnson became a foster parent for “high risk” teenage boys. Even though Pastor Johnson no longer keeps “high risk” teenagers, he still mentors them as well as other men. He understands the challenges that these young men face because he once walked in their shoes.

In July 1997, Pastor Johnson, along with his wife Lady Gail and their son Terance, was released by the Holy Spirit to become Pastor of the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. The work that God started in Pastor Johnson has truly been divinely ordered. He has seen many lives transformed both in mind and spirit.

God has given the man of this house a clear blueprint for Pleasant Hill. It is direct and concise. This ministry is a ministry like none other. Its is a ministry that is dedicated to rebuilding and transforming lives all over the world. God gave us the mandate and we are determined to fulfill the commission and bring the blueprint to life.

There are many phases to the vision that God has given Pastor Johnson; and by the grace of God, the first part of the vision has come to pass. In January 2005, Pleasant Hill Church walked into a new edifice totally dedicated to God. This edifice houses our administration offices, classrooms, community outreach programs, media center, toddler center and sanctuary.

Pastor Johnson is very involved in the operations of each ministry of the church as well as the communities activities. He is on the Pastoral Board for the Cenikor Foundation in Deer Park, Texas. He has an instrumental voice in the city of La Porte where he works closely with the City Manager, Councilman, and Mayor. On January 19, 2010 Pastor and Lady Johnson were able to buy a transitional home and the now High Achievers Learning Center. He is always seeking opportunities to bring improvement to the community both spiritually and naturally.

Pastor Johnson has been married to the love of his life, lady Gail Johnson for more than 30 years. They have two beautiful children, Nicole and Terance (Daisy).

Lady Gail Johnson


Pastor Gene Johnson’s wife, Lady Gail Johnson, started in the ministry over 30 years ago at Christ Temple Apostolic Church, Inc. under the leadership of Bishop David Allen, Sr. She served faithfully in the ministry in the areas of street outreach and establishing the church’s food pantry. Her early passion of ministering to the homeless community and fostering “high risk” teenage boys has now blossomed into many areas. She faithfully ministers deliverance and wholeness to those who have been affected by substance abuse, alcohol abuse and physical abuse.

Lady Johnson is actively involved in Kingdom Building. She trains disciples who are Kingdom Minded through the Precept Upon Precept Bible Study Course which teaches how to study the word of God by using the O.I.L. Method: Observation, Interpretation, and Life Application. She is involved in monthly ministry training sessions for the PHCOD Ministry Leadership Team in the following areas: Developing the Leaders Around you, Effective Communications, Attitude 101, and Staff Infection.

Outside of the four church walls she is actively involved with several organizations: The La Porte Rotary Club, the La Porte School Board, the Bridge Over Troubled Waters (a woman’s shelter where she and her team teach workshops called Breaking Free). free hair care services called Beauty for Ashes, along with food services that are prepared and served by them.

Lady Johnson has initiated and hosted several city-wide domestic violence campaigns. “Start Snitching, Stop Domestic Violence” involves many of the Houston area shelters and advocates including Canyon Thomas, who is a national spokesperson for the family abuse center in Waco, Texas and Dr. Sandy Murphy, who is a domestic violence survivor and founder of Channel 3 (a family development organization

In addition to Lady Johnson’s passion for battered, neglected and abused individuals, she is a nurse by profession. She has incorporated her medical skills and experience into the Kingdom of God by opening the Joshua-Mephiboseth Center at Pleasant Hill Church of Deliverance geared towards the care of special needs children. It is operated by trained professional ministry workers. Lady Johnson is determined to demonstrate to people that by serving others you develop a heart of unity, which is the heart of God. She is loved and known by many as a “True Woman of God.”